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Irvine Wedding Shuttle Limo Rentals

Have wedding ceremonies you need to shuttle a lot of fo guests to? Our Irvine Wedding Shuttle Limo Rentals is perfect for you then. We have limos for not just weddings, but also birthdays, bachelor parties, businesses, and much more! We partnered with dozens of local vendors because we wanted to have to most vehicles for our clients! 

Irvine Wedding Shuttle Limo Rentals

Irvine Wedding Shuttle Sedan Rentals

We have classic cars, buses, sedans, SUV's, and much more to offer you for your big day! One of our most common services is our Irvine Wedding Shuttle Sedan Rentals. We will transport you and your newlywed to and from the ceremony, the reception, or even your honeymoon destination. Arrive in style and with class with our new Sedans in stock. 

Irvine Wedding Shuttle Sedan Rentals

Irvine Wedding Shuttle Bus Rentals

 You can pack almost everyone from the wedding into one of our Irvine Wedding Shuttle Bus Rentals! Our buses start at 15 and go all the way up to 60 passengers! We offer this service to the wedding because we know how much of a hassle it can be to move from the church to the reception with over 50 people! Make the right choice and choose us for your next wedding for the best quality and care!

Irvine Wedding Shuttle Bus Rentals
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Irvine Shuttle Rates

Irvine Shuttle rates and pricing can be easily determined use our simple software that generates a instant price for multiple companies that you can choose from. Some companies do one ways also know as point to points. Other do round trips or 2 way transfers, multiple stops are typically covered under hourly but sometime can be hybrid. Hybrid pricing is when you use a limo for a transfer and then hourly. This happens sometimes when at weddings when the client needs a limousine for 3 hours and then only need a one way transfer 5 hours later for example. So companies have minimum hours and some do not. Some charge fuel, tip and tax included some do not and some do not require it. Airport transfers can be different due to licensing through the airport and varies per company.

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Irvine Wedding Shuttle Services | Top Irvine Limousines

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